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You Should Know things About the Ouzel

Vlagalishchnyj ouzel the not so usually used term, but an infection of yeast. Many women have passed through a phase vlagalishchnoy infections of yeast. A source of this illness - a mushroom named "candida albican". It is known various names, but an infection of yeast - most the general: as it is used in, put the term of the person. Biologically it name vulvovaginal a candidiasis.
The reason to begin with vlagalishchnogo an ouzel is not known, though the mushroom always is present on vlagalishchnoy areas but why it causes an infection, should be still found. Researches have been executed, the definitive result consists in nevertheless to be shown.
The mushroom which causes it, lives on humidity, warm areas of a skin. This infection can be caused because of many reasons. It can be chemical instability or there can be some treatment, but they - all assumptions, the certain original cause still is not known.
Many women test vlagalishchnogo an ouzel during some moment of time in their life. But it is not extended among girls below 13 years of age or women is more senior forty. Usually women in their early adult cowl appear before this problem.
Presence vlagalishchnogo an ouzel is not very serious problem but if you are pregnant, or at you is less inviolability then, you should consult to the doctor because the infection of yeast in such cases does not clean very soon immediately.
There are many means accessible for vlagalishchnogo of an ouzel. You can use anti-fungoid drugs or can cause the house made means as yoghurt or oil. You can ask, that the pharmacist has prepared some treatment for you after consultation of your doctor.
There is a wrong representation that it is infectious which is not true in general. It does not transfer sexually to your partner. You can avoid it, containing your armed in cleanliness and air. This mushroom usually grows on areas which receive less deliveries of air and freshness.


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